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Happy Independence Day!

I’m a military survivor. . .

This post is dedicated to all of our soldiers

Whether your role was big or little

Nurse, Potato peeler, Captain, Rigger

Private, Infantry, Command Sergeant, Medic

Thank you for your service

 Thank you for your sacrifice,

For our liberty and freedoms.

Watch for it!

30 EASY HOLIDAY DESSERTS THAT KIDS CAN HELP MAKE is a treat for anyone who loves having fun with kids in the kitchen. Kids love to eat what they cook, and ALL OF THE YUMMY DESSERTS can be made in less than an hour (or less).

THE DESSERTS are made from “real” recipes – they are products made from scratch without benefit of mixes – and the results ought to be tasty enough to be served to the whole family. In fact, the New Orleans Pralines, Raisin-stuffed baked apples, cupcakes and cookies are often made by adults for dessert. When teaching children to cook this way with the basic raw materials, mom or dad must be willing to help separate eggs or cream butter. They must also be patient when it comes to cleaning up the kitchen. But, the memories you’ll build with your families will last a lifetime. Enjoy, the to-die-for holiday dessert that your kids can help make.


Warning . . . warning! Is your body and psyche throwing a tantrum?

No matter how much motivation one has, sometimes the body says enough is enough and shuts down. It’s not fun when that happens, but it’s a very effective first-line defense system of putting you back in touch with your own psyche (soul, mind or spirit). Often, there are multiple red flags and warning signs when the body is at “dis-ease”, stressed, and getting ready to go on strike. It might be a slight twinge, headache, or an overall feeling of no get up and go.

Should you negotiate with the physical needs of the body? I think not. The body really requires sufficient daily intake of water, food, and relaxation for it to continue functioning. And if the body actually does strike (depending on how severe) the mind immediately taps into its spirit asking, “Well if I’m dying, please Lord, I pray my soul you take”, “Forgive me for . . .,” “What is the lesson to be learned here Lord?”

What does this say about the psyche and the body? I think one answer is there’s an ongoing war and negotiation process going on between them, and when one is out of sorts, or throwing a tantrum, some of the other parts just shut down, as fast as a circuit breaker, to help save your remaining components from getting fried. One thing’s for sure, like newborns need milk,

The psyche and body require ongoing care and nourishment. If they’re not fed on time, in the right amounts on a daily basis they will go on strike until you comply.

Unhappy? Don’t like olives in your salad bowl?

 The only constant is change.

When writing, treat your audience with respect

Practicing the Golden Rule is a good place to start.

When there’s respect, trust, and a genuine concern for the dignity of human beings, everyone is empowered.

One might consider the words of Dalai Lama, “Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching. Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

Another great quote that I just made up: “If you are doing good writing in the first place, you’re likely to sell more books,” so “write, write, write.”

Recognize, of course, that these behavioral value changes work, and will help enhance your happiness for about anything. Try substituting your goal in the following sentences:

  • When ___________, treat your ___________ with respect to increase __________trust.
  • When my ______________ is empowered, I am empowered.
  • If I value  ___________ it will be an asset to __________.
  • If I operate with integrity, then my _____________will respect ____________.

Change is in the air. These behavior value changes are reflected in how our society is rapidly changing, and reflects how the individual decision of being human and ethical should be addressed.

The ingenuity of the mind to create rolls in, like the tide

Writers, what does that mean? I have a few thoughts on the subject:

  • After you’ve done all you can, wait on the Lord.
  • Don’t worry, even if you’ve done everything backward and have writer’s block.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • There are low tides, even-tides, high tides.
  • Innovation, like the ocean comes in waves.

Feel free to join the discussion.

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