I’m a picture taker. Although, far from being an expert at it. I love to capture beautiful moments. Once they’ve past, you can never get that same moment or emotion back.

I remember being scolded when my mother developed some film of pictures that I’d taken while on a field trip. We watched the clam diggers on Vashon Island and observed marine life. I wrestled a gooey duck out of the mud. This was way back, when I was in elementary school.

Perusing the photos, Mom said:

“How would anyone know you were even on the trip?” Not one picture of you even being there.

        I don’t know, was my typical answer.

Mother may not have felt as if she’d gotten her money’s worth developing the roll of 36 negatives, at two copies each. One of her favorite fans, absent in every picture!

       There’s not one picture of you in any of these pictures. Don’t take anymore pictures unless  at least one, has you somewhere in it!

“That’s the life”. Looking at myself in a picture, even now, is like listening to yourself on a recording. Your own voice sounds distorted. It’s after I go back and look at the picture, many years later, when  I realize: What do you know, that picture wasn’t so bad.


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